The DP_PanelManager library provides a simple, consistent way to visually manipulate HTML elements.
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The DP_PanelManager library provides a simple, consistent way to manipulate HTML elements with features such as:

  • Visibility and Display: Hide or show HTML elements with ease.
  • Size and Position: Get the current size and position of elements and change them either directly or relatively with optional animation. Complex animations can be created by chaining animations with delays.
  • Opacity: Get and set Opacity consistently across supported browsers to create attractive "fade" effects.
  • Event management: Add and remove events programmatically to allow for better separation between logic and presentation and better management of dynamic interfaces.
  • Simple collision management (methods to tell when two panels are intersecting).
  • Can provide lists of member panels ordered by panel properties (height, width, top, left, opacity, etc). This is very useful for dynamic sorting and display of interface elements.

DP_PanelManager also provides access to useful environmental information such as mouse pointer location and window/canvas size. It makes the creation of common dynamic features like animated menus, pop-up tool tips, message boxes, etc much simpler.

  • The library has a very small footprint; no global variables are created.
  • Multiple instances of panel manager can be instantiated allowing for more control over related elements.
  • Highly compatible. The library normalizes access to properties and manipulations across all major browsers.

Event Abstraction code (the addEvent(), removeEvent(), and handleEvent() methods) is based in large part on code authored by Dean Edwards (2005, Original Blog Post, input from Tino Zijdel, Matthias Miller, Diego Perini).

This component requires a JavaScript (ECMAScript) 1.3 (or better) run-time environment and has been tested successfully in Internet Explorer versions 6+, FireFox 1.5+, Opera 9+ and Google Chrome but should function on any modern browser.

Copyright (c) 1996-2013, The Depressed Press (
All rights reserved.
Covered under the BSD Open Source License (included in the code). Full legal information here: