the DP_SharePoint library provides a set of "helper" functions to make working client-side with SharePoint 2007and 2010 simpler.
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The DP_SharePoint library provides tools to make working with Microsoft SharePoint simpler. The library has been tested with Sharepoint 2007 and 2010 and, as it is a work in progress, should be considered BETA quality. The library provides:

  • Methods to acquire JavaScript handlers to SharePoint form controls and fields. This make it much simpler to interrogate or add event handlers to SharePoint forms.
  • Simple methods to add or remove events from SharePoint form elements.
  • Simple methods to hide and show elements of SharePoint forms.
  • Methods to simplify the calling and use of SharePoint web services and ready the data returned from them for use.

The extensions are self-contained and present an extremely small footprint. Only a single global object, "DP_SharePoint", is created.

This component requires a JavaScript (ECMAScript) 1.3 (or better) development environment and has been tested successfully on Internet Explorer 8+.

Copyright (c) 1996-2013, The Depressed Press (
All rights reserved.
Covered under the BSD Open Source License (included in the code). Full legal information here: