Open source full-featured test case management system
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'product_version' is no longer required
'manager' and 'default_tester' can be usernames or IDs
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Kiwi TCMS - Open Source Test Case Management System

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"Kiwi TCMS Logo"

Kiwi TCMS is a test plan, test run and test case management system, written in Python and Django. It features Bugzilla and JIRA integration, fast test plan and runs search, powerful access control for each plan, run and case, and XML-RPC APIs.

Brief history

  • Feb 2009 - Project created by Red Hat, Inc. as a replacement for Testopia under the name Nitrate
  • Nov 2014 - Source code published on GitHub without previous history
  • Aug 2016 - Mr. Senko starts contributing to Nitrate
  • May 2017 - Upstream appears to be totally unresponsive, Mr. Senko creates a fork and continues rapid development separately
  • Aug 2017 - The fork has support for the latest Django version
  • Sep 2017 - Project name changed to Kiwi TCMS and migrated to Python 3, started migrating to modern UI using Patternfly
  • Oct 2017 - Kiwi TCMS has an official website at and will be developed as a community project sponsored by Mr. Senko.
  • Nov 2017 - merge the python-nitrate API client sources and modify them to work with the current code base.







Commercial support for Kiwi TCMS is available from Mr. Senko. For more information, pricing and support levels info see