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[db] populate missing TestCase.text history

in version 6.5 the TestCase model was updated to store the text
into a single field called `text` instead of 4 separate fields.
During that migration historical records were updated to have
the new `text` field but values were not properly assigned.

The "effect" of this is that in TestCaseRun records you were not
able to see the actual text b/c it was None.

This commit ammends 0006_merge_text_field_into_testcase_model for
installations which have not yet migrated to 6.5 or later. We also
provide the data-only migration 0009_populate_missing_text_history
which will inspect the current state of the DB and copy the text
to historical records.
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atodorov committed Mar 17, 2019
1 parent d0f86e5 commit e6acb54d51c84c1c6b015ad1a11bb57fc281cfc4
@@ -28,6 +28,10 @@ def forward_copy_data(apps, schema_editor):
if latest_text:
test_case.case_text = convert_test_case_text(latest_text)
# b/c the above will not generate history
history = test_case.history.latest()
history.case_text = test_case.case_text

class Migration(migrations.Migration):
@@ -0,0 +1,29 @@
from django.db import migrations, models

def forward_copy_data(apps, schema_editor):
TestCase = apps.get_model('testcases', 'TestCase')

for test_case in TestCase.objects.all():
history = test_case.history.latest()

# In 0006_merge_text_field_into_testcase_model we may have
# failed to save the text into the history record leaving
# historical records with text == None.
# If the TC was not modified since then we try to fix the last
# historical record
if test_case.text and not history.text:
history.text = test_case.text

class Migration(migrations.Migration):

dependencies = [
('testcases', '0008_notifications_default_true'),

operations = [
# copy the data from the related model

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