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GitHub App integration for Kiwi TCMS Python updates Tidelift Become a sponsor Kiwi TCMS on Twitter


This package provides the GitHub App integration for Kiwi TCMS Enterprise and is designed to work only for multi-tenant environments! You don't need this add-on in order to run Kiwi TCMS without extended GitHub integration!

Communication from GitHub to this plugin is via webhooks.

Plugin behavior:

  • Auto-configure which tenant to use for database operations, either 'public' or a single private tenant to which user has access.
  • If unable to auto-configure display warning and redirect to configuration page once the GitHub account who installed this integration onto their GitHub repository logs into Kiwi TCMS
  • Existing & newly created repositories are added as products in Kiwi TCMS
  • BugSystem records are automatically configured for repositories
  • Fork repositories are skipped
  • Newly created git tags are added as product versions in Kiwi TCMS

See Issues for other ideas!


pip install kiwitcms-github-app

inside Kiwi TCMS's docker image and make sure the following settings are configured:

KIWI_GITHUB_APP_SECRET = b'your-webhook-secret'
-----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----"""

everything else will be taken care for by Kiwi TCMS plugin loading code!

GitHub App configuration

This plugin needs an existing GitHub App application with the following configuration:

Then configure how the application interacts with GitHub:

  • Repository permissions:
    • Contents: Read-only
    • Issues: Read & write (required for 1-click bug report on private repos)
    • Metadata: Read-only
  • User permissions:
    • Email addresses: Read-only
  • Subscribe to events:
    • Meta
    • Create
    • Repository


v1.3.3 (31 Jan 2022)

v1.3.2 (05 Jan 2022)

v1.3.1 (04 Oct 2021)

  • Adjust 2 parameters for changes introduced in PyGithub 1.55

v1.3.0 (14 Feb 2021)

  • Migrate to Python 3.8
  • Always test with the latest Kiwi TCMS version
  • Adjustments to the internal test suite now that Kiwi TCMS is available via source
  • Prevent crash if uid field is not a number to make it work with Keycloak

v1.2.4 (14 Feb 2021)

  • Don't cause ISE in case of race conditions between webhooks
  • Fix ISE for existing Version

v1.2.3 (25 Jan 2021)

  • Allow POST request (web hooks) without CSRF token

v1.2.2 (08 Dec 2020)

  • Update for newer PyGithub

v1.2.1 (17 Sep 2020)

  • Require login for views.Resync()

v1.2 (13 Sep 2020)

  • Adjusted to work with Django 3.1 and Kiwi TCMS > 8.6
  • Replace deprecated url() with re_path()
  • Migrate the payload field to newer models.JSONField type
  • Setting PUBLIC_VIEWS is removed in Kiwi TCMS so remove the automatic adjustment
  • Make error messages for missing AppInst more clear
  • Remove redundant if condition in Resync()
  • Update translation strings
  • Update documentation around GitHub permission requirements for 1-click bug report

v1.1 (05 Aug 2020)

  • Add GitHub issue-tracker integration which authenticates as the installed app. Fixes Issue #25
  • Configure BugSystem for new repos. Fixes Issue #15
  • Create Product & BugSystem records when installation_repositores change. Fixes Issue #21
  • Trigger resync from GitHub via menu. Fixes Issue #19
  • Trigger resync from GitHub after AppInstallation is configured. Fixes Issue #20
  • Database: Add AppInstallation.settings_url field
  • Link to the correct URL for GitHub settings. Fixes Issue #33
  • Require user to be logged in for ApplicationEdit. Fixes Issue #36
  • Update translation strings
  • Add more tests

v1.0 (13 Apr 2020)

  • Install settings overrides under tcms_settings_dir/ (compatible with Kiwi TCMS v8.2 or later):
    • does not need MIDDLEWARE and PUBLIC_VIEWS override anymore
  • Remove GithubAppAuth backend, shipped with social-auth-core v3.3.0
  • Fix a redirect to use the correct name of our social_core backend

v0.0.5 (19 Feb 2020)

  • Address GitHub API deprecation not yet fixed in social-auth-core

v0.0.4 (25 Dec 2019)

  • Do not fail if product already exists
  • Do not fail if repository doesn't have description
  • Search UserSocialAuth by uid and provider

v0.0.1 (24 Dec 2019)

  • initial release