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junit.xml plugin for Kiwi TCMS

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This package allows you to read junit.xml files and send the results to Kiwi TCMS.


pip install kiwitcms-junit.xml-plugin

Configuration and environment

Minimal config file ~/.tcms.conf:

url = https://tcms.server/xml-rpc/
username = your-username
password = your-password

For more info see tcms-api docs.

This plugin is only concerned with parsing the junit.xml format and executing tcms-api functions which will create/reuse test cases, test plans and test runs. tcms-api behavior is controlled via environment variables.

For example this is how our own environment looks like:


if [ "$TRAVIS_EVENT_TYPE" == "push" ]; then
    # same as $TRAVIS_TAG when building tags

if [ "$TRAVIS_EVENT_TYPE" == "pull_request" ]; then


Further documentation and behavior specification can be found here.

The above configuration creates a separate TestPlan for each branch, see TP-7: [junit.xml] Plan for kiwitcms/junit.xml-plugin (master), a separate TestPlan for each pull request (recording possible multiple test runs) and separate TestPlan and TestRun for each tag on GitHub! tcms-api has default behavior for Travis CI and Jenkins and allows endless configuration via environment variables.


# define environment variables
tcms-junit.xml-plugin /path/to/junit.xml


v10.0 (02 Mar 2021)

  • Compatible with Kiwi TCMS v10.0
  • Update tcms-api to 10.0

v9.0 (13 Jan 2021)

  • Compatible with Kiwi TCMS v9.0
  • Update tcms-api to 9.0
  • Update junitparser to 2.0.0
  • Adjusted code to handle jUnit v2.0 files

v8.4 (28 Oct 2020)

  • Update tcms-api to 8.6.0
  • Update junitparser to 1.6.0

v8.3 (10 Apr 2020)

  • Update to tcms-api v8.3.0 which uses gssapi for Kerberos
  • Requires MIT Kerberos for Windows if installed on Windows

v8.2 (03 Apr 2020)

This version works only with Kiwi TCMS v8.2 or later!

  • Update to tcms-api==8.2.0
  • Patch for changed return value in plugin_helpers.Backend.test_case_get_or_create()
  • Call plugin_helpers.backend.finish_test_run() when done

v8.0.1 (10 February 2020)

This version works only with Kiwi TCMS v8.0 or later!

  • Adjust plugin due to API changes in Kiwi TCMS v8.0
  • Require tcms-api==8.0.1

v0.5 (07 January 2020)

  • Update junitparser from 1.3.4 to 1.41

v0.4 (20 September 2019)

  • Update junitparser from 1.3.2 to 1.3.4
  • Support XML files with <testsuites> root tag (Katalon Studio). Fixes Issue #9

v0.3 (10 April 2019)

  • Works with Kiwi TCMS v6.7 or newer
  • Uses new names of API methods