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Static Web Publishing for Front-End Developers Zero-bullshit, single–command, bring your own source control web publishing CDN. Yes, it's free. Surge Docs


ember install ember-cli-surge


ember surge

The above command will build your ember app using the production environment then deploy that code to the url <your-project-name>

By passing an environment flag ember surge --environment development to the ember surge command will use your development environment.

The default domain name for your project is the <>. This can be found in the CNAME file at the root of your project. Use ember generate surge-domain <your-new-domain> to update the domain which will update the CNAME file. Remember the domain name needs to be unique.

For more info check out Surge Docs

Other commands

  • ember surge --new-domain Add your own domain name ie: --new-domain="" or ( will generate a domain when no argument is passed in ie:--new-domain
    • alias: -d
  • ember surge --login Login to your account at Surge (
    • alias: -l
  • ember surge --whoami Check who you are logged in as.
    • alias: -w
  • ember surge --publish (Default: true) Publishes a project to the web using Surge (
    • alias: -p
  • ember surge --list List all the projects you’ve published on Surge (
    • alias: -ls
  • ember surge --token Get authentication token, great for Continuous Integration (CI).
    • alias: -t
  • ember surge --environment (Default: production) The ember env you want deployed default (production).
    • alias: -e
  • ember surge --logout Log out of your account at Surge (
  • ember surge --teardown Tear down a published project.
    • alias: -td


We would love to hear your feedback and welcome your PRs. Cheers.

Running Tests

  • yarn test

  • npm run lint:js

  • npm run lint:js -- --fix


This software is distributed under the MIT license.