Recording Custom Motions

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Kiwi platform allows developers to record their own motions that can be baked into any app in a matter of minutes.

Signup/Login to Developer's console.

Select your device from the device list.

Click on Live Graph tab to verify that the data are coming in. In case it isn't, check and make sure that Data logging is on in the Kiwi Android app.

Once the sensor data start to come in, hit REC.
Create a new motion using any wearable device. Once done, hit STOP. A recorded motion graph will appear.

Trim the motion graph using , enter the motion name, and click .

When this is done, go back to Kiwi Android app, hit refresh button in the action bar.

If you want to stream raw sensor data to other platforms beside Android, it can be done using Scroll down to the very bottom of the graph page, open Your Connection Code tab. An example code for data streaming will appear.

The stream's data structure :

  device_id : '',
  device_type : '', // android, ios, pebble, gear live, lg watch, galaxy, etc,
  packet_type : '', // Wifi, bluetooth
  spec : 'v0.1'
  ax : 0,
  ay : 0,
  az : 0,
  gx : 0,
  gy : 0,
  gz : 0,
  mx : 0,
  my : 0,
  mz : 0