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This is the procedure to compile your own version of Kiwix/Moulinwiki
Windows DVD launcher (autorun.exe). This DVD launcher gives the user
the capability to launch the software on the DVD, install it or
leave. This software is coded in c++ an use the Qt libraries. Please
follow the steps in the given order.

== Prepare ==

* The Qt SDK provides the Qt library, the MinGW environnement and the
  GNU g++ compiler. So with it, you will have almost all what you need
  to compile the DVD launcher. Download the Qt SDK here:

* Install this self-extracting package on your system in the default
  proposed directory: C:\Qt\2010.01

* The Qt SDK does not provide a bash-like console, so you need to
  download one called MSYS (this is also a MinGW tool) here:

* Install this self-extracting MSYS package on your system in the
  default proposed directory: C:\msys\1.0. A the end a console will be
  launched. Please answer "y" two times. After that you need to give
  the Qt SDK MinGW path: c:/Qt/2010.01/mingw. Enter "y" a last time
  and the MSYS installation will be finished.

* You need to install the mandatory tool moc.exe in
  c:\Qt\2010.01\qt\bin. You can download it here:

== Compile ==

* Start MSYS, an icon should be present on your desktop. Otherwise
  start C:\msys\1.0\msys.bat

* Go to your code directory in "moulinkiwix/autorun" like following:
  cd /c/your_path_to_the_code/moulinkiwix/autorun/

* To configure the appareance of the DVD launcher you will have to
  setup a few files:
  - src/board.png (copy kiwix_board.png for example)
  - src/autorun.ico (copy kiwix.ico for example)  

* Add the qt/bin directory to the path, like following:
  export PATH=$PATH:/c/Qt/2010.01/qt/bin

* Run "qmake.exe" from the console. The result should be
  something similar to that:

  $ ls
  Makefile        Makefile.Release  README       bin    debug    src  ui_app.h
  Makefile.Debug  Makefile_windows  build  release  ui   ui_source.h

* Run "make release" from the console

== Run ==

* Copy the following files from c:\Qt\2010.01\qt\bin to your
  "autorun/release" directory: QtGui4.dll, QtCore4.dll and also
  mingwm10.dll, libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll and QtXml4.dll from

* copz the "autorun/ui" folder to "autorun/release" and remove all non
  XML file inside.

* Click on the "autorun/autorun.exe" binary and it should work.

* In the subdirectory called "ui" should be the language xml file, eg en.xml, es.xml, fr.xml.
  There is a xml for each language. Xml file specifies the interface language for the autorun. 
  For all languages except English, you must specify the interface language,
  eg "> autorun --lang=fr" from cdm to load a custom interface in French.

== Addtional custom ==

* You can also customize the text by looking to the "ui"
  directory. The file "app.ui" is used at the compilation. You can
  modify it manualy or used the ruby script "lang2ui.rb" to generate
  it from an xml file (see en.xml for example) and from the ui
  template "source.ui".


[ARCHIVED] CD/DVD autoruned Kiwix launcher



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