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Apache Module for Kiwix & ZIM files

This is the home of what's currently a proof-of-concept (p-o-c) experiment to create a module for Apache2.4 Web Servers that serves content from ZIM files.

The aim is to provide similar functionality to kiwix-serve where practical.


  • zimlib available as a Debian package: sudo apt-get install libzim-dev
  • Apache Server development environment: sudo apt-get install apache2-dev
  • kiwix-build must have been compiled locally. Follow instructions from

Building the code

The build is currently performed by a crude, limited bash script The script requires sudo to install the module. For now, You'll have to tell the script where kiwix-build has been compiled as follows:

KIWIX_LIB=/home/julian/myopensourceprojects/kiwix-build/BUILD_native_dyn/INSTALL/ bash ./

Note: this needs to point to the INCLUDE folder which is generated as part of building kiwix-lib. This folder then has the include and library folders. We aim to improve the build once kiwix-lib is built automatically.

Configuring Apache to enable the module

The configuration process varies by platform. Debian provides tools to enable and disable modules, for other platforms hand-editing of the Apache Server configuration may be necessary.

On Debian

Modules are included at startup of Apache. They're loaded from /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/. These are configured using the debian command sudo a2enmod.

A sample module that suits the current limited capabilities is the following. A copy is available in /sample-modules/kiwix-module.conf Using sudo you can copy this to /etc/apache2/mods-available/kiwix.load. Then to enable the module, run sudo a2enmod kiwix :

LoadModule kiwix_module      /usr/lib/apache2/modules/
<Location /kiwix>
    SetHandler kiwix

Configuring the module for the ZIM file and location

This module uses a configuration section to specify the path and ZIM filename. For now it's only been tested in a known frequently-used location on Apache running on Debian and Ubuntu : /var/www/html. The file is called kiwix.conf and a sample is available in the sample-configs/ folder in this repo.

Here's an example of the contents (which can be listed when the module is loaded using the ./config page, see below).

ZimFile "wiktionary_fr_all_2016-11.zim"
ZimPath "/var/www/html/"

You can copy this file to the relevant folder using sudo (as the config folder is owned by root) e.g.

sudo cp ./sample-configs/kiwix.conf /etc/apache2/conf-available/kiwix.conf

Similarly you need sudo to edit this file. sudo vi /etc/apache2/conf-available/kiwix.conf

Enable the additional config file. On Debian/Ubuntu use sudo a2enconf kiwix. (To disable the config e.g. if the server refuses to start, use sudo a2disconf kiwix).

And finally, you'll need to have the relevant ZIM file in the specified location where root has access to it. Read access seems to be enough.

Loading the new module

Run sudo service apache2 restart

Testing / using the new module

The main root URL to serve Kiwix content is [URL]/kiwix/. The service will also respond to [URL]/kiwix/config that lists the config of the Kiwix module e.g.

ZimFile "wiktionary_fr_all_2016-11.zim"
ZimPath "/var/www/html/"

and [URL]/kiwix/status which doesn't do much yet, but should at least give you some confidence the module is loaded provided it says: I'm OK, thank you, and you?

The module is curerntly designed to serve content from a single ZIM file, and serves content from the zim file configured in the config. Visit http://localhost/kiwix/ to see it in action. However, first provide a zim file in one of the document folders of the Apache Server (this might not matter - TBD), on the test machine /var/www/html/. A small zim file such as Ray Charles will do.

Known limitations

Here are our known limitations, some will be removed or addressed as we enhance the code.

  • Not designed for multi-use or repeated-use
  • Incomplete logging to the configured Apache error log e.g. /var/log/apache2/error.log
  • No way to test the functionality except interactively and manually
  • The build process creates a non-portable library (according the the output of the build)
  • Needs kiwixlib to be built on the same machine.


Thank you to various people who provided help both directly and indirectly.

  • For demonstrating how to compile and build an Apache module in C++:
  • Fellow Kiwix contributors for helping integrate kiwixlib into the code and for what else they're about to help with :)
  • A special thanks to @kelson for allowing reuse of various code from other kiwix projects so we can still release this with the Apache 2.0 license.


[STALLED] An Apache module for ZIM files




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