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This tool allows to easily build non-topic centric selections of
Wikipedia articles.

== Requirements ==

To run it, you need:
* MANDATORY: a GNU/Linux system
* MANDATORY: an access to Internet
* MANDATORY: an access to a Wikipedia database
* OPTION: an access to enwp10 rating database for Wikipedia in English

== Context ==

Many Wikipedias, in different languages, are over 500.000 articles and
even if we can provide offline versions with a reasonnable size, this
is still too much for many devices. That's why we need to build
offline versions with only a selections with the TOP best articles.

== Principle ==

This tool builds lists of key values (pageviews, links, ...) about
Wikipedia articles an put them in a directory. One time all this key
values are gathered, they are upload to These
key values are everything we have as input to build smart selection
algorithms. To get more detalis about the list, read the README in the
language based directory.

== Tools ==

* give you the list of all
  wikipedia/languages with more than 500.000 entries.

* takes a language code ('en' for example) as first
  argument and create the directory with all the key values.

* to build/upload lists for all Wikipedia with
  more than 500.000 pages.

* generates on the output a copy of
  pagelinks with in the last column the the link target page id.