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== BBCodeizer

BBCodeizer is a gem used to translate BBCode to HTML. The main interface
is provided through the helper method "bbcodeize." Use of it is as simple as
passing a string to bbcodeize:

  <%= bbcodeize post.body %>

You can also invoke the BBCodeizer directly without the helper:

  render :text => BBCodeizer.bbcodeize(post.body)

All settings are centralized so you can very quickly deactivate any tag or
modify the HTML that is generated. You can modify these settings by adding
lines to the end of your environment.rb. For example:

  # deactivate [color], [size], and [code] tags
  BBCodeizer.deactivate(:color, :size, :code)

  # use <b> instead of <strong>
  BBCodeizer.replace_using(:bold, '<b>\1</b>')

These changes should be considered one-time configuration, e.g. tags
cannot be deactivated then activated again.

== Warning

While BBCodeizer does some validation (see below), you should be aware it is
possible to create unsafe HTML in the wrong hands (for example, invoking
Javascript using the [url] tag). It is highly recommended you run the
resulting HTML through a sanity checker such as WhiteList:

Once installed, the following is a helper method that will produce nicely
formatted, safe HTML:

  def format_text(text)

== Supported Tags

BBCodeizer currently supports the following tags. The default HTML expansion
is documented here.








    <img src="" />

  []Joe Example[/email]

    <a href="">Joe Example</a>


   <a href=""></a>




    <a href="">Google</a>


    <a href=""></a>

  [quote="Shakespeare"]To be or not to be[/quote]

    <blockquote><cite>Shakespeare wrote:</cite><br />To be or not to

  [quote]That is the question[/quote]

    <blockquote>That is the question</blockquote>

  [size=32]Big Text[/size]

    <span style="font-size: 32px">Big Text</span>

  [color=red]Red Text[/color] [color=#ABCDEF]Alphabet-colored Text[/color]

    <span style="color: red">Red Text</span>
    <span style="color: #ABCDEF">Alphabet Colored Text</span>

== Validation

BBCodeizer aims to produce HTML that will not break your site - all opening
tags must have a closing tag or they will not be replaced (unmatched tags are
left as-is). All [code] and [quote] tags are left entirely untouched if there
is any mismatch with either of these. All other tags will replace as many as
possible and leave the remaining unmatched tags as-is.

BBCodeizer attempts to produce XHTML-compliant markup, however, misuse of
nesting tags is not validated or corrected. For example:

 [b]bold [u]bold + underline[/b] underline[/u]

Will produce the following HTML:

 <strong>bold <u>bold + underline</strong> underline</u>

Colors in the [color] tag are not validated - any string can be used. Strings
containing semicolons are not allowed to prevent users from adding additional
style rules.

Sizes used in the [size] tag are validated - only 1 or 2 digit numbers are

Copyright (c) 2006 Jonathan Dance / Agora Games
Copyright (c) 2011 Luke Curley
Distributed under the MIT license