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Merge pull request #179 from VovanR/patch-1

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@kizu authored
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_data Updated draft, added minor draft indicator
_includes Fixed toggler a bit
_layouts Outer figure
_posts Update
demos Update to nested-link article: mentioned flashblock problem, closes #178
en/pseudos moving to Jekyll 1.0, part 2 -- moving files
feeds Fix img in feed
indexes Update
j Better highlighting, english translation of the latest draft
lib Added alsmot untouched lib/ie and lib/bugs
pictures Resized and fixed picture
preprocessors Added page on preprocessors
redirects moving to Jekyll 1.0, part 1
s Resized and fixed picture
stylobate @ e89e366 lol
.gitignore Outer figure
.gitmodules Fixed submodule, added metrika
.travis.yml Hello, Travis!
404.html fixed class Cleaned the capturing in includes, moving them to including the setup
Gemfile Forgot gemfile
Makefile Longer delay for anchor hiding, proper make! Hello, Travis!
_config-dev.yml Added dev config, showing drafts on debug
_config.yml Added blockquote styles
favicon.ico Almost finished homepages, fixes #8
mailru2834ee25039c69d3.html test
robots.txt Update robots.txt Build Status


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