Automatically generate function definitions for C++ classes for lazy people.
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Automatically generate function definitions for C++ classes for lazy people.


It's very tedious to copy and paste the function declarations in a C++ header file into the implementation file, add the class name along with the curly braces. This is a simple script to ease the pain for those who're stuck in low-level land.


$ cat Interface.hpp
class Interface
    virtual std::string Templates(std::vector<int> nums);
    void PointersAndRefs(int * a, const int & b);

    // Functions already implemented in headers are not 
    // repeated
    int SimpleGetter()
        return 42;

$ ruby impl_me.rb Interface.hpp
// TODO: Substitue ImplClass with your actual class name
std::string ImplClass::Templates(std::vector<(int)> nums){}
void ImplClass::PointersAndRefs(int * a, const int & b){}

$ # Great, it's working. Let's copy-n-paste this into our IDE
$ ruby impl_me.rb Interface.hpp | xclip

$ # Cygwin folks can use putclip
$ ruby impl_me.rb Interface.hpp | putclip

$ # You can pipe through grep/sed/awk to tweak to your own preferred style
$ ruby impl_me.rb Interface.hpp | sed 's/{}/\n{\n}\n/' | sed 's/ImplClass/MyInterface/'


  • Ruby
  • SWIG -- Most Linux distros include this; Windows users can use Cygwin version or the downloadable executable from the site.

Why should I use this instead of <XXX>?

Lazy C++ was written specifically to address this problem. It has been long established and probably copes with complicated syntaxes better than this script. However, the fact that I need to create a separate lzz file just doesn't make me feel good. There are also reports of it not compiling on Mac OS X.

Eclipse CDT has a function called "Implement Methods" under the "Refactor" menu which basically does all this robustly. For that purpose, Eclipse's refactor wins. There are some cases for us command line freaks who like to combine small tools with the holy grails of find/grep/sed/awk so here is a command line tool.

Limitations/Known bugs

$ cat Stress.hpp
class Stress
    // Can't handle pointers and refs inside templates right now
    // This will give bogus
    void Doom(std::vector<Interface *> interfaces);

$ ruby impl_me.rb Stress.hpp
// TODO: Substitue ImplClass with your actual class name
void ImplClass::Doom(Interface)> interfaces)