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Alfred Workflow for Brett Terpstra's Bunch Application
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This workflow takes advantage of Brett Terpstra's Bunch Application.

Bunch is a workspace loader that you can use to quickly open/close applications, urls, documents, and more to come.

This workflow utilizes Bunch's CLI script


  • b - Top Level Bunch Selector
  • b <bunch> - Toggles the selected bunch

MODIFIERS (+ Return)

Modifier Description
CMD Forces Open the Bunch
Control Forces Closed the Applications listed in the bunch.
Shift Opens the Bunch file to be edited
  • bedit <bunch> - Opens the Bunch file to be edited
  • bsettings:refresh - Refreshes your Bunch List
  • bsettings:bunches_dir - Reveals the contents of the current bunches directory
    • Modifier cmd - opens the prompt to change the bunches directory. (YOU WILL NEED TO REFRESH YOUR BUNCH LIST)
  • bsettings:help - Opens this page!

Change Log


Huge overhaul of the workflow. This workflow no longer runs off the url scheme and now runs off the CLI that Brett and a few others have created.

This change will allow for greater flexibility and speed with the application.

I've also changed the refresh call to now be contained in a single javascript for automation script instead of many steps. This was just for a cleaner look.

  • CHANGED b - Top Level Bunch Selector Now displays the active bunches
  • Changed: b <bunch filename> - Runs the Selected Bunch
  • REMOVED: b display <bunch filename> - Displays the contents of the Bunch in Large Text
  • CHANGED b edit <bunch filename> - Now `bedit
  • CHANGED b refresh -now bsettings:refresh (also now done with javascript for automation)
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