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This module is used to show top level reddit info for Magic Mirror2.

It is highly configurable and primarily allows users to choose between two display types, the number of posts pull from reddit, how many of those posts to display, how often to cycle through the set of posts, and how frequently to refresh posts from reddit.


Currently working on a large refactor that will allow multiple instances of the module to run simultaneously. Please submit feature requests as issues tagged as an enchancement and please list the title as "v2: [your suggestion]".

Project ETA completion: holiday 2020

End User Dependencies

Just an installation of Magic Mirror2 and a working internet connection.


  1. Run git clone in the directory ~/MagicMirror/modules
  2. Add MMM-Reddit to your config file ~/MagicMirror/config/config.js
	module: "MMM-Reddit",
	position: "top_right",
	config: {


Display Type: Image


config: {
	subreddit: 'earthporn',
	displayType: 'image',
	imageQuality: 'high',
	count: 10,
	show: 1,
	width: 500,
	showAll: true,

Display Type: Headlines


config: {
	subreddit: ['television', 'science', 'nottheonion'],
	headerType: 'chained',
	displayType: 'headlines',
	count: 14,
	show: 7,
	width: 700,
	showScore: false,
	showSubreddit: true,
	colorText: false,
	showThumbnail: false,

Config Options


Option Default Description
subreddit 'all' Subreddit to pull content from.

Please enter frontpage to get content from the frontpage.
This value can also be an array of subreddits. Ex: ['funny', 'jokes', 'tifu']
type hot Filter applied to searches.

Options: hot, top, new, rising, controversial
displayType headlines Format in which the reddit posts are displayed. See below for configurations specific to each display type.

Options: headlines, image
count 10 Number of posts to get from reddit.
show 5 Number of posts to be displayed at a time.

If this number is lower than count, then the posts will be rotated after a given number of seconds configured with rotateInterval.
width 400 Number of pixels wide the module will take up on the display.
updateInterval 15 Number of minutes until the set of current posts gets refreshed from reddit.
rotateInterval 30 Number of seconds until the posts currently being displayed is substituted by the subsequent set.
characterLimit false Set a character limit for post titles. Titles that are truncated will have "..." appended to the title to indicate it.
titleReplacements [] An array of objects used to make replacements to words or phrases in a title. Title replacements will occur prior to the character limit being enforced, so these can be used to help shorten post titles or just for fun.

Example: [{toReplace: 'millennials', replacement: 'snake people', caseSensitive: false'}, {toReplace: 'politicians', replacement: 'lizard people'}]

Note: caseSensitive defaults to true. Also accepts regular expressions for advanced find and replace, but do not include preceding and trailing forward slashes. For those not familiar with regular expressions, see here.
forceImmediateUpdate true When set to true, as soon as posts are received from reddit according to the updateInterval, posts are immediately rendered, regardless of what is currently on screen. When set to false, the module will allow the existing set to finish and the new #1 post will be from the updated set of posts.

Note: If this is set to false, it's a good idea to try to keep the show & count, rotateInterval, and updateInterval in good sync with this. For example, if you're using images, displaying 1 image with a count of 10 posts rotating every 30 seconds, it will take 5 minutes to cycle through a set. Therefore, ideally you'll want to set your updateInterval to a mutiple of 5 so that it's not waiting too long to update the posts as your update will appear somewhat inconsistent.


Option Default Description
showHeader true Show the module header.
headerType sentence Format in which the header is displayed.

1. Sentence (Ex: Top Posts from r/funny, r/jokes, and r/tifu)
2. Chained (Ex: Top Posts from r/funny+jokes+tifu)
showAll false Alias to show all of the below "show" toggles. showHeader is the only toggle excluded from this.

Note: If this toggle is set, it will ignore all configurations set to false.
showRank true Show number preceding posts indicating what order it was returned from reddit.
showScore true Show the total upvotes less downvotes currently attributed to a post.
showNumComments true Show the total number of comments on a post.
showGilded true Show if a post has been gilded and, if so, how many times it has been gilded.
showAuthor false Show the username of the person who submitted the post.
showSubreddit false Show the subreddit to which a post was submitted. Mostly only valuable if using the frontpage, r/all, or passing an array of subreddits.
colorText true Mute the color of the rank and show the score of a post with the upvote red/orange color.

Image Only

Option Default Description
maxImageHeight 500 Maximum height that an image is allowed to take up.
imageQuality mid-high Resolution of image to display.

Options: low, mid, mid-high, high
showTitle true Show the title of the given post. This attribute is also included in showAll.

Headlines Only

Option Default Description
showThumbnail false Show the thumbnails of posts. This attribute is also included in showAll.

Dev Dependencies

If you plan on modifying the existing code, these tools will be helpful as the the css was created using sass. Once you have npm installed, simply run npm install for the subsequent npm packages to be installed.

  • node-sass
  • nodemon

Note: To make use of the installed packages run npm run build-css to compile scss to css and running npm run watch-css will watch the scss file for changes and compile on save.

To Do

There is no timeline or guarantee than any of these will be accomplished. Will throughly review and test pull requests if anyone else wants to take any of these on.

  • Write tests
  • Allow widths other than pixels
  • Add gif option as display type
    • Not sure if there's going to be a way to do this to ensure that the rotate doesn't fire before the gif is finished playing
  • Add feature to display portion of text posts for subs such as r/dadjokes
  • Add ability to allow user defined post ids for curated slideshow
  • Add ability to query a subreddit(s) for a given phrase and return top hits


Magic Mirror Module for displaying top level content from reddit



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