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Easily build large LaTeX documents (Fork of
Find file



Build LaTeX documents.


Usage: rubbr [options]

-f, --format [FORMAT]            Select output format (dvi, ps, pdf)
-F, --force                      Force execution regardless of changes
-e, --engine [ENGINE]            Select processing engine (latex, pdflatex)
-d, --display                    Display the document
-D, --display-build              Display the build version of the document
-s, --spell                      Spell check source files
-v, --verbose                    Enable verbose feedback
-V, --verboser                   Enable verbose feedback for hboxes
-c, --color                      Enable colorized feedback
-h, --help                       Show this help message

Standard project layout:

root_dir         = Dir.pwd
source_dir       = 'src'

@defaults ||= {
  :root_dir          => root_dir,
  :source_dir        => source_dir,
  :build_dir         => 'tmp',
  :distribution_dir  => 'dist',
  :base_file         => 'base',
  :vendor_dir        => source_dir + '/vendor',
  :graphics_dir      => source_dir + '/graphics',
  :spell_dir         => source_dir,
  :spell_file        => 'dictionary.ispell',
  :inventory_file    => '.inventory',
  :distribution_name => distribution_name(root_dir),
  :force             => false,
  :verbose           => false,
  :verboser          => false,
  :color             => false,
  :view_build        => false,
  :format            => :dvi,
  :engine            => :latex

All these can be changed with a config.yml in the root_dir:

build_dir: build
graphics_dir: src/figures


gem install rubbr
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