Prototyping made easy.
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Prototyping made easy.


Getting Started

  1. Clone the project

    $ git clone <project-name>
  2. Install the dependencies

    $ npm install
  3. Development

    $ npm run dev
  4. Staging/Production

    $ npm run build

Development Notes

New Pages

  • New site pages should be placed in the src/pages folder with the a .twig extension.
  • These Twig files will be compiled to dist/<path/to/file.html> and will be accessible as static pages.

Page Data

  • The src/data/default.json file can be used for supplying data to all pages.
  • Each page in the src/pages folder can have an accompanying JSON data file.
  • This data file will be placed in the src/data folder with the same hierarchy and name as the page. src/pages/news/_entry.twig ==> src/data/news/_entry.json

Include and Extends

  • Twig includes will need to be passed the relative path to the partial you would like to include.
    {% extends '../partials/general/_layout.twig' %}
    {% block content %}
        {% include 'path/to/partial.twig' %}
    {% endblock %}


Copyright © Kyle Brumm. Weave is free to use on whatever and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the license.