A web app for creating word lists and learning languages
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wordlisthub_config.json Update packages Jul 16, 2016 is a web application for learning languages. You can use it to learn words by playing games.

Key features

  • Users can add their own word lists
  • Word lists can be shared with other users
  • "Guess Word" game
  • "Spell Word" game


There are many ways to contribute to this project, e.g:

Development is developed to run on nodejs so you need to be familiar with JavaScript to create new features. Follow the following steps to set up a test environment:

  1. Install recent version of the dependencies nodejs and mongodb
  2. Clone the repository using git: git clone
  3. Change to the project directory: cd wordlisthub
  4. Install the nodejs dependencies npm install
  5. Configure the e-mail based login system by editing the file wordlisthub_config.json
  6. Create a directory for the database, e.g.: mkdir data
  7. Start mongodb (will take a few seconds) mongod --smallfiles --port 27018 --dbpath data
  8. Start the web server (in another terminal) npm start
  9. Open http://localhost:3000 in your web browser