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%% Article template for use with
%% This template presumes you are using xelatex, not pdflatex
%% The template requires the memoir class
%% Script-based version control tag (requires vc package)
% \input{vc} % comment this out if you don't use the vc package
%% Required packages
\usepackage{memoir-article-styles} %% in latex-custom-kjh/needs-memoir
%% Choose font system
\usepackage{fontspec} % comment out if not using xelatex
\usepackage{xunicode} % comment out if not using xelatex
%% Biblatex: You should be using biblatex + biber instead of e.g. natbib + bibtex
%% Comment these lines out and replace them with your own bibliographic setup if not.
%% Chicago support packages come with texlive 2011; biber needs to be
%% installed separately. Get it from
%% Your bibliography file or files go here. Biblatex allows for
%% multiple \addbibresource{} statements. If using bibtex you must use
%% the older \bibliography{} declaration instead
\addbibresource{socbib.bib} %
%% Some formatting tweaks to biblatex-chicago. Comment out if not
%% using this biblatex style.
%% Enclose article titles in quotes (this puts article titles in Title Case as well)
%% Ensure book titles are in Title Case Like This, not Sentence case like this.
\mkbibemph{#1}\isdot} % for books
\DeclareFieldFormat{booktitle}{\mkbibemph{#1}} % for edited volumes
%% Name, Title, Affiliation, Contact. Change as needed.
\def\myaffiliation{Duke University}
\def\myauthor{Kieran Healy}
\def\mytitle{Article Title}
\def\mykeywords{Kieran, Healy, Kieran Healy, Sociology}
%% Hyperlinks
urlcolor=BlueViolet, % external links
citecolor=BlueViolet, % citations
filecolor=BlueViolet, % local files
%%% xelatex font choices
%% You will need to buy these fonts or change the names to fonts you
%% own, or comment out altogether if using pdflatex instead of
%% xelatex.
\setromanfont[Mapping=tex-text,Numbers=OldStyle]{Old Style 7 Std}
\setsansfont[Mapping=tex-text]{Old Style 7 Std}
% Make figures as wide as the margins
%% Layout and styling: this style is defined in defined in
%% latex-custom-kjh/needs-memoir/, along with several alternatives.
\title{\bigskip \bigskip {{\mytitle}}}
\author{\myauthor \\
\emph{\myaffiliation} \\ \myemail}% \thanks{I am grateful to }
\published{\footnotesize Incomplete Draft. Please do not cite without permission.}
\published{Incomplete Draft. Please do not cite without permission.}
% Include version information in footer.
% \epigraphfontsize{\footnotesize}
% \setlength{\epigraphwidth}{4in}
% \setlength{\epigraphrule}{0pt}
% \setlength{\beforeepigraphskip}{0pt}
% \setlength{\afterepigraphskip}{0pt}
% \epigraph{}{}
%% Bibliography. If you are not using biblatex, comment out this line.