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mention biber.

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@@ -331,10 +331,11 @@ every item referenced in your dissertation or paper is contained in
the bibliography.[fn:biblatex]
[fn:biblatex] If you plan to use BibTeX to manage your references,
-take a look at [[][BibLaTeX]], a package by Philipp Lehman designed to
-overcome some of BibTeX's limitations. BibLaTeX is not yet officially
-stable, but it is very well-documented, very usable, and has many nice
+take a look at [[][BibLaTeX]], a package by Philipp Lehman, in conjunction
+with [[][Biber]], a replacement for BibTeX. BibLaTeX and Biber are not yet
+officially stable, but they are very well-documented, in wide use and
+will soon replace jointly replace BibTeX as the standard way to
+process bibliographies in LaTeX.
*[[][AUCTeX]]* and *RefTeX* are available for Emacs. These packages allow
Emacs to understand the ins-and-outs of typesetting LaTeX documents,

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