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A simple static blog generator for publishing on GitHub Pages
TypeScript CSS JavaScript
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A simple static blog generator for publishing on GitHub Pages

🚀 Installation

npm install -g unlimited-blog-works

👀 Overview

🗺 Overall View of the Structure

Execute the following command at arbitrary place as a trial.

ubw init my-blog
cd ./my-blog
ubw article new
ubw compile

The following files will be generated.

tree .
├── blog-publication
│   ├── articles
│   │   └── 20190310-0001.html
│   ├── atom-feed.xml
│   ├── external-resources
│   │   ├── github-markdown.css
│   │   └── index.css
│   ├── index.html
│   └── robots.txt
├── blog-source
│   ├── articles
│   │   └──
│   └── external-resources
│       ├── _direct
│       │   └── robots.txt
│       ├── github-markdown.css
│       └── index.css
└── ubw-configs.js

7 directories, 11 files
cat blog-source/articles/
publicId: 20190310-0001
lastUpdatedAt: '2019-03-10 08:23:09+0000'

# Page Title
cat blog-publication/articles/20190310-0001.html
<!doctype html>
<html lang="en">
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <title>Page Title | My Blog</title>
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="/external-resources/index.css">
    <meta property="og:title" content="Page Title">
    <meta property="og:type" content="website">
    <meta property="og:url" content="">
    <meta property="og:site_name" content="My Blog">
    <div class="ubw-article">
      <div class="markdown-body ubw-main-content">
        <h1 id="page-title">Page Title<a class="ubw-heading-slug" aria-hidden data-ubw-autolink href="">#</a></h1>
      <hr class="ubw-end-of-main-content">
      <ul class="ubw-meta-data">
        <li class="ubw-meta-data-last-updated-at"><span>Last updated at:</span><span>2019-03-10 08:23:09 (UTC)</span></li>
        <li class="ubw-meta-data-back-to-top"><a href="/">Back to the Top</a></li>

🐱 Concept

  • Save sentences with the Markdown format
    • Because it is the simplest form that can express sentence structure.
  • NO Article Status Management
    • Manage drafts and editing history via VCS such as Git.
  • NO Posting Comments
    • It is more interesting to talk on external SNS such as Twitter.
  • NO Text Editor
    • I think it would be better to use the text editor you are using routinely.
    • Also, if you want to write easily, I recommend using the WYSIWYG editor on GitHub Web.
  • NO JS/CSS Preprocessor
    • Generation such as JS/CSS used on the client side should be managed independently using software such as webpack in modern times.

📚 CLI API Reference

  • ubw article new [OPTIONS]
    • Create an empty article.
      • --config-file, -c
        • Pass the path of ubw-configs.js. If not specified, use the one in the current directory.
  • ubw compile [OPTIONS]
    • Compile Markdown articles into HTML.
      • --config-file, -c
        • Pass the path of ubw-configs.js. If not specified, use the one in the current directory.
  • ubw help
    • Display the help. Currently just display the URL to here.
  • ubw init BLOG_SOURCE_DIR
    • Initialize a blog repository.
      • Specify a location to generate a blog repository.
  • ubw now
    • Display current time by "YYYY-MM-DD HH:ii:ss+0000" format. This value can be used as lastUpdatedAt in the article.
  • ubw version
    • Display the version.

📜 ubw-configs.js

Most of the commands reflect the configuration of "ubw-configs.js".

For details of setting, refer to the following source code and its comment at present.

✍️ Markdown Format

Basically it is a GitHub compatible format, so please refer to the following articles.

However, for example, the following functions are not yet available.

🔧 Development

Softwares that needs to be locally installed

Install this application

git clone
cd ./unlimited-blog-works
npm install

🔗 Reference Urls

  • unified
    • The parser/generator logics of Markdown and HTML depends on the library.
  • JS Paint
    • The above images were created on this site.
  • それなりブログ
    • This is my Japanese blog created in this library.
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