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Go library for a file that rotates daily
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When logging to a file, you often want to rotate files daily i.e. create a new log file for each new day.

This Go package makes it easy. You specify the pattern for file name and the rest is handled by the library.


pathFormat := filepath.Join("dir", "2006-01-02.txt")
func onClose(path string, didRotate bool) {
  fmt.Printf("we just closed a file '%s', didRotate: %v\n", path, didRotate)
  if !didRotate {
  // process just closed file e.g. upload to backblaze storage for backup
  go func() {
    // if processing takes a long time, do it in a background goroutine

w, err := dailyrotate.NewFile(pathFormat, onClose)

_, err = io.WriteString(w, "hello\n")

err = w.Close()

Given that files are rotated daily, you need to provide a file name format which will be passed to time.Now().UTC().Format() function. It should produce a unique file name each day e.g. 2006-01-02.log

You can also provide onClose function which will be called when the file is closed (either because of rotation or calling Close()).

You can use that to e.g. backup the just rotated file to backblaze.

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