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package notionapi
// /api/v3/loadPageChunk request
type loadPageChunkRequest struct {
PageID string `json:"pageId"`
ChunkNumber int `json:"chunkNumber"`
Limit int `json:"limit"`
Cursor cursor `json:"cursor"`
VerticalColumns bool `json:"verticalColumns"`
type cursor struct {
Stack [][]stack `json:"stack"`
type stack struct {
ID string `json:"id"`
Index int `json:"index"`
Table string `json:"table"`
// LoadPageChunkResponse is a response to /api/v3/loadPageChunk api
type LoadPageChunkResponse struct {
RecordMap *RecordMap `json:"recordMap"`
Cursor cursor `json:"cursor"`
RawJSON map[string]interface{} `json:"-"`
// RecordMap contains a collections of blocks, a space, users, and collections.
type RecordMap struct {
Blocks map[string]*BlockWithRole `json:"block"`
Space map[string]*SpaceWithRole `json:"space"`
Users map[string]*UserWithRole `json:"notion_user"`
Collections map[string]*CollectionWithRole `json:"collection"`
CollectionViews map[string]*BlockWithRole `json:"collection_view"`
// TDOO: there might be more records types
// SpaceWithRole holds a user's role associated with a space and a space.
type SpaceWithRole struct {
Role string `json:"role,omitempty"`
Value *Space `json:"value,omitempty"`
// Space is a workspace.
type Space struct {
ID string `json:"id"`
Version float64 `json:"version"`
Name string `json:"name"`
BetaEnabled bool `json:"beta_enabled"`
Permissions *[]Permission `json:"permissions,omitempty"`
Pages []string `json:"pages,omitempty"`
RawJSON map[string]interface{} `json:"-"`
// TODO: ListFormat or TableFormat
// type CollectionViewFormat struct {
// Query describes a query
type Query struct {
Aggregate []*AggregateQuery `json:"aggregate"`
// AggregateQuery describes an aggregate query
type AggregateQuery struct {
// e.g. "count"
AggregationType string `json:"aggregation_type"`
ID string `json:"id"`
Property string `json:"property"`
// "title" is the special field that references a page
Type string `json:"type"`
// "table", "list"
ViewType string `json:"view_type"`
// CollectionWithRole describes a collection
type CollectionWithRole struct {
Role string `json:"role"`
Value *Collection `json:"value"`
// Collection describes a collection
// TODO: why doesn't it have "type" like a Block?
type Collection struct {
// form json
Alive bool `json:"alive"`
CopiedFrom string `json:"copied_from"`
FileIDs []string `json:"file_ids"`
Format *CollectionFormat `json:"format"`
Icon string `json:"icon"`
ID string `json:"id"`
NameVal interface{} `json:"name"` // TODO: because created Name() first
ParentID string `json:"parent_id"`
ParentTable string `json:"parent_table"`
CollectionSchema map[string]*CollectionColumnInfo `json:"schema"`
TemplatePages []string `json:"template_pages"`
Version int `json:"version"`
// calculated by us
name []*TextSpan
RawJSON map[string]interface{} `json:"-"`
func (c *Collection) Name() string {
if len( == 0 {
if c.NameVal == nil {
return ""
}, _ = ParseTextSpans(c.NameVal)
return TextSpansToString(
// CollectionFormat describes format of a collection
type CollectionFormat struct {
CollectionPageProperties []*CollectionPageProperty `json:"collection_page_properties"`
// CollectionPageProperty describes properties of a collection
type CollectionPageProperty struct {
Property string `json:"property"`
Visible bool `json:"visible"`
// CollectionColumnInfo describes a info of a collection column
type CollectionColumnInfo struct {
Name string `json:"name"`
Options []*CollectionColumnOption `json:"options"`
// ColumnTypeTitle etc.
Type string `json:"type"`
RawJSON map[string]interface{} `json:"-"`
// CollectionColumnOption describes options for ColumnTypeMultiSelect
// collection column
type CollectionColumnOption struct {
Color string `json:"color"`
ID string `json:"id"`
Value string `json:"value"`
// UserWithRole describes a user and its role
type UserWithRole struct {
Role string `json:"role"`
Value *User `json:"value"`
// User describes a user
type User struct {
Email string `json:"email"`
FamilyName string `json:"family_name"`
GivenName string `json:"given_name"`
ID string `json:"id"`
Locale string `json:"locale"`
MobileOnboardingCompleted bool `json:"mobile_onboarding_completed"`
OnboardingCompleted bool `json:"onboarding_completed"`
ProfilePhoto string `json:"profile_photo"`
TimeZone string `json:"time_zone"`
Version int `json:"version"`
RawJSON map[string]interface{} `json:"-"`
// Date describes a date
type Date struct {
// "MMM DD, YYYY", "MM/DD/YYYY", "DD/MM/YYYY", "YYYY/MM/DD", "relative"
DateFormat string `json:"date_format"`
Reminder *Reminder `json:"reminder,omitempty"`
// "2018-07-12"
StartDate string `json:"start_date"`
// "09:00"
StartTime string `json:"start_time,omitempty"`
// "2018-07-12"
EndDate string `json:"end_date,omitempty"`
// "09:00"
EndTime string `json:"end_time,omitempty"`
// "America/Los_Angeles"
TimeZone *string `json:"time_zone,omitempty"`
// "H:mm" for 24hr, not given for 12hr
TimeFormat string `json:"time_format,omitempty"`
// "date", "datetime", "datetimerange", "daterange"
Type string `json:"type"`
// Reminder describes date reminder
type Reminder struct {
Time string `json:"time"` // e.g. "09:00"
Unit string `json:"unit"` // e.g. "day"
Value int64 `json:"value"`
// LoadPageChunk executes a raw API call /api/v3/loadPageChunk
func (c *Client) LoadPageChunk(pageID string, chunkNo int, cur *cursor) (*LoadPageChunkResponse, error) { // emulating notion's website api usage: 50 items on first request,
// 30 on subsequent requests
limit := 30
apiURL := "/api/v3/loadPageChunk"
if cur == nil {
cur = &cursor{
// to mimic browser api which sends empty array for this argment
Stack: make([][]stack, 0),
limit = 50
req := &loadPageChunkRequest{
PageID: pageID,
ChunkNumber: chunkNo,
Limit: limit,
Cursor: *cur,
VerticalColumns: false,
var rsp LoadPageChunkResponse
var err error
rsp.RawJSON, err = doNotionAPI(c, apiURL, req, &rsp)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
setLoadPageChunkResponse(&rsp, rsp.RawJSON)
return &rsp, nil
func setLoadPageChunkResponse(r *LoadPageChunkResponse, json map[string]interface{}) {
recordMapJSON := jsonGetMap(json, "recordMap")
blockByID := jsonGetMap(recordMapJSON, "block")
for id, br := range r.RecordMap.Blocks {
brJSON := jsonGetMap(blockByID, id)
b := br.Value
bJSON := jsonGetMap(brJSON, "value")
spaceByID := jsonGetMap(recordMapJSON, "space")
for id, sr := range r.RecordMap.Space {
srJSON := jsonGetMap(spaceByID, id)
s := sr.Value
sJSON := jsonGetMap(srJSON, "value")
userByID := jsonGetMap(recordMapJSON, "notion_user")
for id, ur := range r.RecordMap.Users {
urJSON := jsonGetMap(userByID, id)
u := ur.Value
uJSON := jsonGetMap(urJSON, "value")
collectionByID := jsonGetMap(recordMapJSON, "collection")
for id, cr := range r.RecordMap.Collections {
crJSON := jsonGetMap(collectionByID, id)
c := cr.Value
cJSON := jsonGetMap(crJSON, "value")
collectionViewByID := jsonGetMap(recordMapJSON, "collection_view")
for id, cvr := range r.RecordMap.CollectionViews {
cvrJSON := jsonGetMap(collectionViewByID, id)
cv := cvr.Value
cvJSON := jsonGetMap(cvrJSON, "value")
cv.RawJSON = cvJSON
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