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package notionapi
// /api/v3/queryCollection request
type queryCollectionRequest struct {
CollectionID string `json:"collectionId"`
CollectionViewID string `json:"collectionViewId"`
Query *CollectionQuery `json:"query"`
Loader *Loader `json:"loader"`
// Loader describes a loader
"loader": {
"type": "table",
"limit": 70,
"userTimeZone": "America/Los_Angeles",
"userLocale": "en"
type Loader struct {
Type string `json:"type"`
Limit int `json:"limit"`
// from User.TimeZone
UserTimeZone string `json:"userTimeZone"`
// from User.Locale
UserLocale string `json:"userLocale"`
// CollectionQuery describes a collection query
type CollectionQuery struct {
// copy from CollectionView.Query
Aggregate []*AggregateQuery `json:"aggregate"`
GroupBy interface{} `json:"group_by"`
CalendarBy interface{} `json:"calendar_by"`
// "and"
FilterOperator string `json:"filter_operator"`
Filter []interface{} `json:"filter"`
Sort []*CollectionQuerySort `json:"sort"`
type CollectionQuerySort struct {
// "ascending"
Direction string `json:"direction"`
ID string `json:"id"`
Property string `json:"property"`
Type string `json:"type"`
// QueryCollectionResponse is json response for /api/v3/queryCollection
type QueryCollectionResponse struct {
RecordMap *RecordMap `json:"recordMap"`
Result *QueryCollectionResult `json:"result"`
RawJSON map[string]interface{} `json:"-"`
// QueryCollectionResult is part of response for /api/v3/queryCollection
type QueryCollectionResult struct {
Type string `json:"type"`
BlockIDS []string `json:"blockIds"`
AggregationResults []*AggregationResult `json:"aggregationResults"`
Total int `json:"total"`
// AggregationResult represents result of aggregation
type AggregationResult struct {
ID string `json:"id"`
Value float64 `json:"value"`
// QueryCollection executes a raw API call /api/v3/queryCollection
func (c *Client) QueryCollection(collectionID, collectionViewID string, aggregateQuery []*AggregateQuery, user *User) (*QueryCollectionResponse, error) {
req := &queryCollectionRequest{
CollectionID: collectionID,
CollectionViewID: collectionViewID,
if aggregateQuery != nil {
req.Query = &CollectionQuery{
Aggregate: aggregateQuery,
FilterOperator: "and",
req.Loader = &Loader{
Type: "table",
Limit: 70,
UserLocale: user.Locale,
UserTimeZone: user.TimeZone,
apiURL := "/api/v3/queryCollection"
var rsp QueryCollectionResponse
var err error
rsp.RawJSON, err = doNotionAPI(c, apiURL, req, &rsp)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
return &rsp, nil
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