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Date: 2003-04-15 02:24:28
Format: wphtml
Title: XFree86 fork.
<b>XFree86 fork.</b>
So there it finally is: <a href="">XFree86 fork</a>. My
prediction: it will run circles around the original XFree86 (or XFree86 will
change its ways). All I know about XFree86 development process comes from
reading the <a href="">
mailing list posts</a> discussing the issue after the news that Keith Packard
was kicked out from the XFree86 Core Team
<a href="">first broke</a>. That's
enough to tell that the Core Team thinks of themselves a little bit too much and
that they're doing the stupidest thing an open-source&nbsp; project can do:
making it hard for people to participate. If you lead an open-source project and
don't want it to become a dead project, your highest priority should be in
helping and encouraging potential contributors. It's hard because ego gets in
the way. If someone criticizes either the program or the process it's easy to
take it personally and you might end up in a flame-war. Linus comes to mind as a
positive example of open-source leadership (and I would attribute a large
portion of Linux' success to that). Although he's not shy to use words like
&quot;stupid&quot; in reference to ideas or people, he makes the rules of engagement clear
and is ego-less enough to admit mistakes.
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