The repository for my project for Experimental Verification of the Lonely Runner Conjecture
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Table of Content:
	The Objective of the Project
	The Lonely Runner Conjecture
	Repository Content

This repository contains both the Source Code and report for my "Experimental Verification of the Lonely Runner Conjecture" project that I did as a part of my Master in Copenhagen University in the interval of September - November 2010.

The Objective of the Project: 

The objective of the project was to create a practical tool that should be able to verify whether or not a given set of pairwise distinct Integers (commonly reffered to as Runner Speeds) would violate the Lonely Runner conjecture (see next section).

I have in this project tested all combinations with 20 Runners (i.e. 20 integers) with a max runner speed of 39.

The Lonely Runner Conjecture:

Imagine n runners at a circular, unit length track (i.e. the track has a circumference of 1), where every runner runs with constant, pairwise different speeds, there will then exist a time t where all runners will be at least 1/(n + 1) units away from their common start-point.

The Lonely Runner Conjecture has only been proved for up to n = 6.

Repository Content:

Source Code: 
My Lonely Runner Conjecture verfier ended up being written in C++, and can be found in the src/C++ directory. There you will also find a README file listing the source codes dependencies. The Source code is released under the GPLv3

The report I made to document my work was written in Latex and can be found in the report directoy. It should contain everything that is needed to compile it.

You can find the machine-readable data I used for the report in src/data/ in the JSON file format.


You can find the tables/graphs I used in my report in the report/data/(tables/graphs) directories.

If you re-run my tests yourself, and you want to update my tables/graphs, please run the script found in the src/ directory, which will format the data for you.