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Cachechu is an efficient GWebCache written in PHP for the Gnutella2 (G2) network. Cachechu is designed using GWebCache version 2 specifications.
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Cachechu is a GWebCache written in PHP.


  • PHP 5.3.0+ or newer
  • HTTP server with PHP support (eg: Apache, Nginx, Caddy)
  • Composer


  • Run Composer
composer install --no-dev
  • First time users should remove .sample from config.ini.sample. Remove .sample from urls.dat.sample files, if you want to start off with default caches.

  • The following paths require write (and read) access:

data/update.dat (if update notification enabled)
Replace <network> by the networks you support.
  • The following paths MAY require write (and read) access, depending on configuration:
  • The following file should be set as the directory index: index.php

  • If your host cannot test clients on a port other than 80, the following configuration should be present:

Testing = 0

Web interface

  • To disable the Web interface, the following configuration should be present:
Show = 0
  • To disable info pages on the Web interface, the following configuration should be present:
Info = 0
  • Hosts shows the country (if GeoIP present), IP, port, client, timestamp, and age of hosts for each network.

  • Services shows the country (if GeoIP present), URL, IP, client, timestamp of caches for each network.


Cachechu has been tested under PHP 5.3.0 & 7.0.0.


Stats support was removed from Cachechu 1.2.

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