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Using R with Jupyter / RStudio on Binder
Jupyter Notebook R
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Specifying an R environment with a runtime.txt file

Jupyter+R: Binder

RStudio: Binder

RShiny: Binder

Binder supports using R and RStudio, with libraries pinned to a specific snapshot on MRAN.

You need to have a runtime.txt file that is formatted like:


where YYYY-MM-DD is a snapshot at MRAN that will be used for installing libraries. In this line, you may also want/need to request an up-to-date version of R. You may do this by introducing the version between the 'r' and the year, as in r-3.6-2019-09-24.

You also need a Python notebook file such as this one.

You can also have an install.R file that will be executed during build, and can be used to install libraries.

Both RStudio and IRKernel are installed by default, so you can use either the Jupyter notebook interface or the RStudio interface.

This repository also contains an example of a Shiny app.

Last, note that if your Binder URL points to a folder, as in,

you will need (1) to put in the final slash in the URL, and (2) to avoid converted spaces-'%20'-in the URL, instead placing a hyphen.

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