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(IMPORTANT NOTICE: END OF SUPPORT! jsjws have been merged into So please move to jsrsasign. The 'jsjws' is a pure JavaScript implementation of JSON Web Signature(JWS) and JSON Web Token(JWT).
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api 3.2.0 release
ext update
test 3.2.0 release
ChangeLog.txt 3.2.2 release
KnownIssue.txt 1.2 release
LICENSE.txt 1.2 release Update
index.html 3.2.2 release
index_mat.html web update
index_ut.html 3.0.0 release
jws-1.1.js Revert changes to 1.1 as they're in 2.0 now
jws-1.1.min.js 1.2 release
jws-2.0.js 2.0.2 release
jws-2.0.min.js 2.0.2 release
jws-3.0.js 3.0.2 release
jws-3.0.min.js 3.0.2 release
jws-3.1.js 3.1.0 release
jws-3.1.min.js 3.1.0 release
jws-3.2.js 3.2.2 release
jws-3.2.min.js 3.2.2 release
jwsjs-1.0.js 1.2 release
jwsjs-1.0.min.js 1.2 release
jwsjs-2.0.js 3.2.2 release
jwsjs-2.0.min.js 3.2.2 release
sample_generate.html 3.2.2 release
sample_generate2.html 3.2.2 release
sample_generate3.html 3.2.2 release
sample_jwsjsgen1.html 3.2.2 release
sample_jwsjsgen2.html 3.2.2 release
sample_jwsjsveri1.html 3.2.2 release
sample_verify.html 3.2.2 release
sample_verify2.html 3.2.2 release
sample_verify3.html 3.2.2 release
tool_b64udec.html 2.0.0 release
tool_b64uenc.html 2.0.0 release
tool_jwt.html 3.1.0 release
tool_verifyanalyze.html 3.2.2 release

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