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@kjur kjur released this Nov 3, 2016 · 89 commits to master since this release

  • RSAKey
    • CRITICAL BUGFIX: RSA-PSS and RSA-OAEP not working from jsrsasign 5.0.0
      because rstr_sha1 function is missingand. Now it was fixed.
      (oaep_pad, oeap_unpad)
    • API document added.
  • crypto 1.1.9 to 1.1.10
    • KJUR.crypto.Cipher class added to encrypt/decrypt data.
      Currently only RSA, RSAOAEP supported. Other ciphers like
      AES, 3DES will be supported near in the future.
    • KJUR.crypto.MessageDigest class
      • HASHLENGTH, getCanonicalAlgName, getHashLength
  • asn1x509 1.0.15 to 1.0.16
    • AuthorityInfoAccess class added by @lionello 's pull request. Thanks.
  • base64x
    • fix API document
  • npm
    • missing exports of some global string converter were fixed
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