Node.js implementation of Vanilla Forums cookie hash.
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Vanilla Hash

This is a simple straight port of the Vanilla Forums cookie hashing. No attempts have been made to optimize the code for node.js. Instead, it uses phpjs to replicate functions (e.g., pack) that do not exist in javascript. It was developed in order to support the vanilla-auth module.

Password Hashing

If you need to authenticate users as well, password hashing in Vanilla uses the portable PHP password hashing framework. This has been implemented in node by the excellent phpass module

Travis CI Build Status

Build Status


var vanillaHash = require('vanilla-hash')('salt', 'md5'),
	hashed = vanillaHash.hash('data');
if (vanillaHash.checkCookie('Vanilla cookie')) {
	console.log('Cookie has not been manipulated.');

As-Is policy

No guarantees are made about this software. It is provided as-is. It is under active development and may or may not be production ready.