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I added a generic Fog adapter, which supports standard Fog::Storage configuration options (Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files, Google Storage)

Kyle Dayton added some commits Sep 13, 2012
Kyle Dayton Added a Generic Fog Adapter, accepts Fog Configuration options. 3115075
Kyle Dayton Adjust Readme 243b041
Kyle Dayton . 1d9956b
Kyle Dayton . d8966c5
Kyle Dayton . 48ae28e
Kyle Dayton Update README aca37b2
Kyle Dayton Cleanup 3f5ec3b
kjvarga commented Oct 3, 2012

Hey, thanks for the code! However I think I'd like to keep it simple and just support passing the options in the constructor as in the S3Adapter #89. That way there's no issue with singletons (in case you want to upload to more than one place) and the extra complication of the Config class.

I could modify your code or if you are amenable it would be great if you would do it as it may take me some time.

Thanks again!

@kjvarga kjvarga closed this Aug 23, 2013
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