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Commits on Jun 7, 2010
Commits on May 3, 2010
  1. @afunai

    apply a patch from Sven Felix Oberquelle ( [#27958]).

    afunai authored
    from Sven:
    At the moment classes are checked by comparing the classnames. So for example a HashWithIndifferentAccess is not treated
    as Hash but as Object.
    The attached patch will fix this.
  2. @afunai
  3. @afunai


    afunai authored
  4. @afunai

    backward compat (ruby <= 1.8.6): fix escape_as_utf8 again.

    afunai authored
    avoid using String#bytes in ruby <= 1.8.6.
Commits on Feb 10, 2010
  1. @afunai

    backward compat (ruby <= 1.8.6): fix escape_as_utf8 again.

    afunai authored
    avoid using String#bytes in ruby <= 1.8.6. (improving on 61a79f7)
Commits on Jan 11, 2010
  1. @kch

    ruby 1.9 compat: test: envelop Struct.yaml_new, enable it to take bot…

    kch authored
    …h symbol and string keys for the construction of the instance. (improving on eaab7ea)
    ruby 1.8 uses strings, r1.9 uses symbols.
    There's an incompatibility in how ruby handles struct dumps between versions that's beyond our scope. This just enables tests to pass.
  2. @kch

    ruby 1.9 compat: test: test_roundtrip_types: force_encoding of an inv…

    kch authored
    …alid UTF-8 sequence to BINARY. (improving on eaab7ea)
  3. @kch

    Revert "eaab7ea… really bad workarounds in test_roundtrip_types."; Go…

    kch authored
    …ing to fix it for real.
    This reverts commit eaab7ea.
  4. @kch

    ruby 1.9 compat: test: setup: read @git as binary so the proper encod…

    kch authored
    …ing is set automatically. performed cosmetic changes to the method while at it. (undoes/improves 2cd2ac6)
  5. @kch

    ruby 1.9 compat: test: test_roundtrip_multi_byte_char: skip invalid u…

    kch authored
    …tf8 strings, removing need for force_encoding them. (undoes/improves 44c12fa)
  6. @kch
  7. @kch

    bugfix: test: test_roundtrip_multi_byte_char: Removed unnecessary 're…

    kch authored
    …scue next' after #pack.
  8. @kch

    bugfix: test: unshift expanded lib path to $: instead of <<ing it, so…

    kch authored
    … rubygems files don't get pulled in instead.
  9. @kch
  10. @kch
  11. @kch

    v0.29b merge - ruby 1.9 compat: (QUESTIONABLE) force_encoding on test…

    kch authored
  12. @kch
  13. @kch
  14. @kch
  15. @kch
  16. @kch
  17. @kch
  18. @kch
  19. @kch

    v0.29b merge - bugfix: use one less level of nesting in test_roundtri…

    kch authored
    …p_string. makes tests much faster.
  20. @kch
  21. @kch
  22. @kch

    v0.29b merge - cosmetics.

    kch authored
  23. @kch
Commits on Apr 17, 2008
  1. Imported ya2yaml-0.26 from

    Peter T Bosse II authored
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