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Simple PHP Photo Gallery formerly hosted on SourceForge

Project Summary

Weblery is a simple php based web photo gallery. It is driven by the directory structure of the gallery. All that is needed is to include the weblery.php file into your website.

Developed by KJW3, LLC

Weblery 1.2 Released and Naked!

Weblery now has the capability to display a single album naked (meaning no gallery listing and no thumbnails). This feature was added to allow Weblery's use in blog posts, on craigslist, ebay, or any where else that one could imagine wanting to display only one album.

Note that as part of this release there was a significant change to how Weblery handles it's behind the scenes pathing and location. Prior to version 1.2, Weblery had a configuration parameter named confWebleryBasePath which had to be set in order to know the location of the weblery.php file. As of version 1.2, Weblery determines it's own location. Keep this in mind if you intend to upgrade. User's are welcome to try version 1.2, but please make a backup of your older Weblery Version first in case you encounter any issues.

The naked feature is a really welcome addition to an already simple photo gallery. The manual has a few examples of how to dynamically load a naked gallery. You can also force Weblery to load naked by simply adding naked=true as a url parameter.

Weblery version 1.2 is now available from SourceForge. Please visit to download the latest version.