Building a language detection algorithm.
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Building a Language Detection Algorithm

This repo builds a language detection model that can be used for the 21 languages spoken in the European Union. For any given text, the model predicts its language.

This project is one of the challenge problem for the application. The application organizers asked to build a model on the EU Parliament Parallel Corpus a corpus of ~5 GB of text files (1.5 GB zipped). They also supplied the test set to evaluate predictions on.


The model trained on the whole dataset achieves near-perfect (99.9%+) test set accuracy. While fitting the model to the whole data takes a significant amount of computation time (~2 hours), the same model fitted to a 1% subsample of the training data also achieves very good results (98.7%).

The table below lists the model results based on sample size.

Dataset Model Accuracy Training Time Inference Time Vocabulary size Link
Full Dataset Word Level 99.96% 130 min 1.22 secs 403619 here
10% Sample Word Level 99.90% 12 min 1.22 secs 433309 here
1% Sample Word Level 98.79% 1 min 1.17 secs 151746 here
1% Sample Character Level 99.44% 7 min 1.79 secs 327 here

Training time involves all preprocessing and model fitting (but not download time). Inference time involves predicting the ~20k sentences of the test set. The runs are done on a google cloud virtual machine with P100 GPU (the main notebook contains full specification).

Model Description

The model is based on a recurrent neural net. After some very basic preprocessing, I embed words into a 50 dimensional space. I feed the resulting embeddings through a standard GRU followed by a linear layer.

Model Illustration

The main notebook contains detailed steps; as well as justification behind the hyper-parameter choices.

Description of Files