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medium is a IRC to Jabber Multi-user-chat gateway. It is designed to allow you to use your IRC client to participate in Jabber MUC rooms ("groupchat"). One-to-one chat to users in the Jabber MUC room is also possible. Regular Jabber messages to regular users and a roster is not supported.

It supports encrypted connections, both to the Jabber server and to the IRC client. It also expects the IRC client to support UTF-8 encoded room names, nicknames etc.

This code is still in alpha; there is barely any error handling and sometimes the gateway crashes when it encounters an unimplemented feature.


To install, you need ndistro. Type cd /usr/local/bin && curl | sh. Change to the root directory of medium, then type ndistro. Change some values in settings.js and run the gateway with bin/node medium.js.


Medium can only act as a gateway to one Jabber server at a time. The configuration is in config.js:

  • debug: When set, the gateway outputs incoming and outcoming traffic to the command line.
  • The domain of the Jabber server
  • xmpp.jid: The host part of the Jabber ID for connecting users. This is required for some servers where the host does not match the jid, e.g. Google Talk.
  • xmpp.muc: The conference server.
  • xmpp.port: Port for XMPP connection. Defaults to 5222.
  • xmpp.noSSL: If set to true, the gateway will connect to a Jabber server without SSL.