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2010-11-10 v0.1.10
* Don't emit data events on empty buffer.
* Debug build option in wscript.
* Minor documentation changes.
* Copyright notices.
2010-09-19 v0.1.9
* Fixed memory leak in Request destructor.
2010-08-02 v0.1.8
* nodejs streaming API conformance improved.
* Removed some limitations on input/output encoding of data.
* Checked to work on node v0.1.102.
* Pass streams constructor arguments to implementation constructor.
2010-06-20 v0.1.7
* Integrated support for npm. Thanks to Tim-Smart.
* Cleaned up demos directory.
* Fixed issues with events emitter in streaming library.
2010-06-11 v0.1.6
* Fixed out of order 'end' events.
2010-06-05 v0.1.5
* README updated.
* HISTORY created.
* Build in release instead of debug.
2010-06-05 v0.1.4
* Report about OOM errors.
* Some code enhancements.
2010-06-05 v0.1.3
* (De-)compression is performed asynchronously.
2010-05-15 v0.1.2
* Multiple code improvements.
* tests/ renamed to demo/
2010-05-10 v0.1.1
* Streams support.
2010-05-10 v0.1.0, v0.1.0+
* Made all compression/decompression classes utilize single JS interface.
* Source directory re-organization.
* Started moving common code for gzip/bzip to separate class.
* (v0.1.0+) README updated.
2010-05-10 v0.0.2, v0.0.3
* Memory leak fixed.
* Bzip library support added.
* Forked from original waveto's implementation.
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