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SubTable Module
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SubTable Module

Subscription Table is a simple module to represent the data in a table format.

Basic it supports three currencies (USD, EUR, and INR).

You can select column to be shown. Max 4 min 2, it adjusts the width according to the column size.

You can create max 10 rows to be shown. you can fix the height of the column.

For the signup link you can provide the link over which it has to be redirected.

There is option for the currency conversion. This currency convert is done live form the The base currency is USD.

You can add as many currencies for the currency conversion.

Please if you have any issue let me know so that I can fix those issue for the next release.

New Currency add:

Franc Sign Pound Sterling Yen Symbol

The three more currency has been added to tne new virsion. Please download the new version form the website.

Please if this joomla module is helpfull for you please provide your valuable feedback.