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Java Cloud Related code learning practice
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About this

This is study note and properties about learning clounding programming in mooc. Will exclude all assignment, focus on testing and some note.


Will starting to change it for port setting or other study.

  • Change default port:

    • properties -> Run/Debug Settings -> Application -> Environment -> Add [SERVER_PORT] = 9000
  • How to debug server and client the same thim-先跑 Server

    • debug as Java Application
    • debug as JUnit test
  • For RequestMapping like /path/{id} :

      public String 	findDepatmentAlternative(@PathVariable("departmentId")String someDepartmentId)
      {… }          
  • For @Multipart it only works for MultipartFile

    • It need add some {id} for update, use @PUT to instand.

    • For MultipartFile controller code as follow:

      @RequestMapping(value=\{id}\data, method=RequestMethod.POST)
      public @ResponseBody RStatus setIDforData(@PathVariable("id") long id,
      @RequestParam("data") MultipartFile vData) {
      throw new ResourceNotFoundException();


  • Eclipse, Gradle setting process refer this pdf
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