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52 weeks, 52 Go projects
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Project52 Golang Challenge

A project to write a small project everyweek. All projects are written by Golang.


I saw a slide reflectionsfrom 52 weeks 52 projects and felt inspired. So, I hope I could learn something by doing the same challenge myself.


Here are the constraints of Project52.

  • The project could be small or big, but it should be something new not just refactoring an old project.
  • The Programming language is not limited, feel free to write any language you have just learnt. (actually I am interested in writing some R packages, just because I want to learn it.)
  • Don't need to create brand new project, you could rewrite some exist project. (but on your own way, not allow to fork and refine.)

Progress (2015/06/25~2016/06/17)

  1. (06/25) A facebook page photo downloader
  2. (07/02) Instagram photo downloader
  3. (07/10) A package to summerize all facebook album handle APIs using FB Graph API..
  4. (07/18) A client to use Microsoft Translator Services.
  5. (07/25) A Web crawler to browse PTT and download photos
  6. (07/31) A consensus algorithm "Paxos" implement
  7. (08/07) A bloom filter implement
  8. (08/15) SkipList implement in Go
  9. (08/22) A Redis pub/sub concept implement
  10. (08/29) A website pic downloader
  11. (09/04) A json operation library
  12. (09/12) A simple radix tree implement in Golang
  13. (09/19) A Deterministic Finite Automata function implement in Golang
  14. (09/26) A Nondeterministic Finite Automata function implement in Golang
  15. (10/02) A Epsilon Nondeterministic Finite Automata function implement in Golang
  16. (10/09) A tranform function to translate RE to Epsilon-NFA
  17. (10/16) CYK algorithm in Golang
  18. (10/23) PCP: Post’s Correspondence Problems simple solver implement in Golang
  19. (10/30) TM: Turing Machine implement in Golang
  20. (11/05) A simple twitter API in Golang
  21. (11/13) Consistent Hashing implement in Golang
  22. (11/20) A photo download made for gomobile in Golang
  23. (11/27) A trigram indexing using Go
  24. (12/04) A ngram indexing using Go
  25. (12/11) Beacon Simulator: A simple beacon simulator (iBeacon/Eddystone) in Golang
  26. (12/18) A Youtube download package in Golang
  27. (12/25) React Diff binary tree in Golang (Graphviz)
  28. (12/31) Eddystone Beacon Scanner in Golang
  29. (01/08) A PubSub client/server using CoAP protocol
  30. (01/15) A UDP client/server to get Public and Private IP and Port for hole punching
  31. (01/22) A Publish-Subscribe Broker for the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) in Golang
  32. (01/29) Project Oxford Face API for Golang
  33. (02/05) A client App for oxford-face Golang package (
  34. (02/12) Project Oxford Emotion API for Golang
  35. (02/19) NSQ Diskqueue implement in Golang
  36. (02/26) (PUBSUB) Publish-Subscrbe message broker with Disk queue in Golang
  37. (03/04) A simple RPC Message Queue Server/Client with DiskQueue
  38. (03/11) Simple RPC Key Value Server using etcd/Raft in Golang
  39. (03/18) A github notification (starred, follower, followed) RSS feed in Golang
  40. (03/25) A simple Github Status RSS feeder server in Golang
  41. (04/01) A simple slack console tool in Golang
  42. (04/08) Plurk post server for IFTTT Maker in Golang
  43. (04/15) KMP (Knuth–Morris–Pratt algorithm) implement and related string function Strstr and Strchr in Golang
  44. (04/22) Aho–Corasick algorithm automation implement in Golang
  45. (04/29) A simple Golang LineBot Template and tutorial how to setup on Heroku for Line Bot API
  46. (05/06) Animal Adoption Platform on Line Bot
  47. (05/13) Package to get Pet Adoption OpenData from Taiwan in Golang
  48. (05/20) A Bit Stream helper in Golang
  49. (05/27) TRR: Time-Series of gorilla algorithm with Raft RPC Server/Client in Golang
  50. (06/03) A Google Maglev Hashing Algorithm implement in Golang
  51. (06/10) A Pipeline ETL process and receive data from pipe in Golang
  52. (06/17) A RPC Server implement base on Raft Paper in Golang


Join Me

Feel free to fork this project, if you want to do your Project52 Challenge.

Provide Idea or Encourage..

Please file an issue if you want to suggest a small project idea. (hopefully it could be done within one week. :p ).

You can also encourage me by starring this project. Or just join me.

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