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zprint is a library and command line tool providing a variety of pretty printing capabilities for both Clojure code and Clojure/EDN structures. It can meet almost anyone's needs. As such, it supports a number of major source code formattng approaches.

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Recent Additions!

See zprint:

  • classic zprint -- ignores whitespace in function definitions and formats code with a variety of heuristics to look as good as hand-formatted code (see examples)
  • respect blank lines -- similar to classic zprint, but blank lines inside of function defintions are retained, while code is otherwise formatted to look beautiful (see examples)
  • indent only -- very different from classic zprint -- no code ever changes lines, it is only correctly indented on whatever line it was already on (see examples)

In addition, zprint is very handy to use at the REPL.

Use zprint:

Get zprint:

Get something other than the default formatting:

Without learning how to configure zprint:

Maybe one of the existing "styles" will meet your needs. All you have to do is put {:style ...} on the command line or as the third argument to a zprint call. For example, {:style :community} or {:style :respect-bl}.

Some commonly used styles:

Learn how to alter zprint's formatting behavior:

I want to change...


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Clojure 1.9, 1.10, 1.10.3, 1.11.0-alpha1:

Leiningen (via Clojars)

Clojars Project


zprint has been tested in each of the following environments:

  • Clojurescript 1.10.520
    • figwheel 0.5.19
    • shadow-cljs 2.8.62
  • planck 2.25.0

It requires tools.reader at least 1.0.5, which all of the environments above contain.

Clojure 1.8:

The last zprint release built with Clojure 1.8 was [zprint "0.4.15"].

In addition to the zprint dependency, you also need to include the following library when using Clojure 1.8:

[clojure-future-spec "1.9.0-alpha17"]

The zprint Reference

Testing and Development

Information on testing and development can be found here.


A number of folks have contributed to zprint, not all of whom show up on GitHub because I have integrated the code or suggestions manually. Thanks for all of the great contributions!

  • Additional colors and color-map entries: @RingMan
  • Updated rewrite-cljs dependency to 0.4.5 @rundis/
  • Readme updates: @mathiasn, @Quezion, @vemv, @arichiardi, @bhurlow, @kommen.
  • --url and --url-only: @coltnz
  • Use UTF-8 locale to build the native image: @mynomoto
  • Suggestion/encouragement to implement :respect-bl: @griffis
  • Thread safety suggestions: @fazzone
  • :option-fn and :fn-format for enhanced vector formatting: @milankinen
  • Fixed missing require in spec.cljc: @Quezion
  • Corrected readme: @griffis
  • Fixed nested reader conditional: @rgould1
  • Clarified and added useful example for clj usage: @bherrmann7
  • Sublime text plugin instructions: @ekinnear
  • Use body indentation for the ns macro: @pesterhazy
  • Suggested fix for international chars and graalVM native image: @huahaiy

Thanks to everyone who has contributed fixes as well as everyone who has reported an issue. I really appreciate all of the help making zprint better for everybody!


At the core of zprint is the rewrite-clj library by Yannick Scherer, which will parse Clojure source into a zipper. This is a great library! I would not have attempted zprint if rewrite-clj didn't exist to build upon. The Clojurescript port relies on Magnus Rundberget's port of rewrite-clj to Clojurescript, rewrite-cljs. It too worked with no issues when porting to Clojurescript!


Copyright © 2016-2020 Kim Kinnear

Distributed under the MIT License. See the file LICENSE for details.


Executables, uberjar, and library to beautifully format Clojure and Clojurescript source code and s-expressions.




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