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Releases: kkkgo/vlmcsd


19 May 09:39
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2020-03-28 (1113)

  • .kmd file format changed to version 2.0 (version 1.x files cannot be used any more)
  • host builds are now configurable in the .kmd file
  • Bugfix: vlmcs did not use the configured CSVLKs when used with -G
  • Bugfix: .kmd file version was not displayed correctly on big-endian systems
  • Bugfix: Posix versions of vlmcsd were unable to read MS-DOS/Windows text files with crlf line termination
  • Bugfix: the NO_INI_FILE CFLAG did not work in combination with some other directives
  • New CFLAG NO_COMPILER_UAA disables all compiler/platform support for big-endian/little-endian conversion. Required on some toolchains that are incorrectly configured
  • The bootable floppy directory now contains a .vmx file that can be used to directly start the floppy in VMware products, e.g. the free VMware player
  • When you use -v all CSVLK available in the .kmd file are now logged at program startup.
  • If you do not use -N0 or -N1 to force disable/enable the NDR64 protocol, vlmcsd now uses the host build to decide if it uses NDR64 depending if a genuine KMS is using NDR64 on that build.

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24 Oct 13:07
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  • 2018-10-15 (1112)
    Support for Windows 10 1809, Windows Server 2019 and Office 2019 built-in
    vlmcsd now has fully configurable CSVLKs that allow a custom EPID and HwId for each CSVLK to be specified.
    Options -w, -0, -3, -6 and -G have been removed in favor for the new -a option.
    The -H option has been redefined: It now allows a fixed host build to be specified in random EPIDs
    New INI file directive HostBuild= that does the same as the new -H option.
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