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Chromium Update Notifications

This extension will periodically check Woolyss and display a "New" icon badge once the version found for the selected platform/tag is different to the one you're currently using. Additionally it can track updates for and manage all installed extensions (those supporting it).


  1. Review source code
  2. Download the .crx file from latest release
  3. Navigate to chrome://extensions
  4. Drag-and-drop the .crx file into the browser window

Installing via "Load unpacked extension"

If it's not possible to enable or install the extension and a warning tells you "This extension is not listed in the Chrome Web Store and may have been added without your knowledge" or "crx required proof missing", try the following:

  1. Download and unpack the source code from the latest release or git-clone the master branch of this repository into a local folder
  2. Navigate to chrome://extensions
  3. Enable developer mode
  4. Click on "Load unpacked extension" and select folder

Please note that it's not possible to update via "Load unpacked extension". Every extension installed via this method will be installed as a separate and new extension, regardless of previously installed versions. If you've cloned the repository however, you can just git-pull the new release tag and click on the reload button in the extension's tile at chrome://extensions to update seamlessly.

I plan to list this extension in the Chrome Web Store soon to get around this issue (see #14).


Click on the extension's icon, select platform (mac, win64 etc.) and tag – i.e. the Chromium version you're using – and enable tracking of extension updates if desired.

You can also enable error tracking to help improving this extension and increase your privacy by using a proxy to fetch extension updates. The latter will strip all personal and adtech-related data your browser might send if it requests the data directly (this was always enabled in versions prior to 1.7.0, now it's optional). I use a public Vercel deployment to host the proxy, so you can review all of the actual source code used to run it.

If your Chromium build contains this patch, you may set the flag chrome://flags/#extension-mime-request-handling to "Always prompt for install" to enable 1-click installation of extension updates.


Chromium browser extension that provides browser and extensions update notifications and extensions management functionality. Chromium versions are synced with Woolyss' Website.








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