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The purpose of the javascript library is to provide developers the event driven framework. "The beacon event" is trigged by distance changes between beacons and user’s mobile devices.


This library only depends on jQurey library. Developers would include the jQuery library and spot-jsbelib.js in the HTML header, like this:

<script	type="text/javascript" src="jquery.min.js"></script>	
<script type="text/javascript" src="spot_jsbelib.js"></script>


Create the instance.

var beaconManager=new spotJsBEL();

Set the event handler.

var beaconHandler = function(beaconArray) {
	// Do-Something with beaocn array

Initialize the instance after dom ready.

$(window).ready(function() {

Beacon Array

When callback function of "the beacon event" is called, a beacon array is passed as a parameter.

Beacon array contains json objects which comprises the detected beacon data:

{id:<String>, name: <String>, px: <Number> }
  • id and name: by your own definition or assigned by Spot Project Hub
  • px: based on Apple's iBeacon specification, proximity values indicate:
    • 0 : Unknown (> 30 m )
    • 1 : Immediate (< 50 cm)
    • 2 : Near (< 2 m)
    • 3 : Far (< 30 m)

Notice: You may not get the px value 0 if the beacon is far away and json object is no longer in existence in the beacon array.

Testing your Code

You can use the function updateBeaconData in the browser's console to update the beacon array manually, if you don't have beacon hardware. Navigate example code on jsfiddle, and input the following javascript in browser's console (target to jsfiddle's iframe)

beaconManager.updateBeaconData('{"b":[{"id":"1-1-1", "name":"test", "px":2}],"d":true,"o":true}');