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Enable attaching markers to other layers during draw or edit features with Leaflet.Draw. Checkout demo.


It depends on Leaflet.GeometryUtil and Leaflet.Draw.


You can download Leaflet.Pin from this repository or use bower

bower install leaflet-pin

After download add leaflet.js, leaflet.draw.js, leaflet.geomtryutil.js, to your html file.


Add to your map options properties:

General options

var map ='map', {
  pin: true,
  pinControl: true,
  guideLayers: []
Option Type Default Description
pin Boolean false Enable pin on map.
pinCircle Boolean false Enable pin to circle. It's a first implementation and could have some bugs.
pinControl Boolean false Enable Pin Control to toggle pin.
guideLayers Array [] Array containing guide layers. You can include single layer like L.Marker or layerGroup/FeatureGroup.
Feature option
var drawControl = new L.Control.Draw({
  draw: {
    polyline: {
      distance: 20
      vertices: true
    polygon: {
      distance: 25
    marker: {
      distance: 25
    rectangle: false,
    circle: false

For each feature (rectangle and circle not supported yet):

Option Type Default Description
distance Number 20 Distance in pixels where pin occurd
vertices Boolean true Whether layers vertices add additional pin attraction.

Map methods

Method Params Description
addGuideLayer ILayer or FeatureGroup add new layer or FeatureGroup as guide layer/-s. Each added FeatureGroup is parsing to single guide layers. Additionally after add/remove layer to FeatureGroup, this layer is automatic added to/removed from guide layers container.
removeGuideLayer ILayer remove single layer from guide layers container.
togglePin - switch on/off pin
map.addGuideLayer(new L.FeatureGroup());

This plugin based on Leaflet.Snap.


Enable attaching of markers to other layers during draw or edit features with Leaflet.Draw



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