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  • Download/pull the repo and put it in your web-directory
  • If you are using PHP/Apache make sure to set a host pointing at topbot directory
  • Run "npm install" in the root directory
  • Run "gulp default" once in the root directory
  • Run "gulp watch"


A minimalistic PHP (optional HTML) no-style-theme starter kit.

I've come to the conclusion that all websites shares some equal denominators. Topbot takes the standards as far as it gets without overdoing anything. Nothing is forced upon you, you choose what to use and what to keep.

  • Crow 3.0 is in. Crow can now compile to CSS from not only stylus, but also sass and less. Also added flexbox as an option.
  • Coffee removed to make room for ES6. Added babel and browserify to go with that.
  • Gulp added, grunt removed. Reason for that being that gulp builds faster.
  • HTML-suit compiler added! You can visit and compile a single PHP page to clean HTML! If you want every single page that you've created HTML'ed, just go through every one of them and run the ?compile.
  • Leaf removed from standard topbot. If you want to include leaf in your project you will have to do it yourself. ( After all, it's a no-style-theme.
  • Grunt added.
  • Topbot now includes crow! Crow is a grid css framework for awesome box alignment within rows. You can read more about crow here (
  • Custom .htaccess added! It's possible to remove if not desired. Uses "smart"-url with the structure /topbot/pagename/variable/value/variable2/value2?variable3=value3 you can go as far as you like!
  • IMG-tag automagic added. This is solely for markup purposes (to speed up the process)
  • The scrollbar always shows (check to the right), this prevents page from "sliding back and fourth" upon page navigation
  • The theme uses smart sticky bot (footer) - the content of bot may be dynamic (normally you set a height for this to work properly)


Small and easy to set up >layout< theme for creation of any website.






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