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📦 Nozbe REST API implementation for Node.js
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node-nozbe 📦

Coverage Status

NodeJS implementation of Nozbe REST API.

It partially implements functionality of the Nozbe REST API available here. Basically this is a proof of concept, cool for creating small utilities for Nozbe, without providing the fully-featured set of Nozbe functionalities. If you need something richer, please contact Nozbe support and discuss the idea with them.

📒 Docs

For the latest documentation and release information click here.

⬇️ Installation

npm i node-nozbe

🔧 Usage

A trivial example of usage:

const nozbe = require('node-nozbe');

nozbe.addTask(clientId, accessToken, {
  name: 'Create rich docs for node-nozbe',


  • clientId is obtained during registration of the application with registerApp() function
  • accessToken is the end-user's access token obtained after successful login

For more detailed description of node-nozbe possibilities visit API reference.

🗺 Roadmap

The up-to-date roadmap is available here.

🍍 Author

Main author and maintainer of node-nozbe is Krystian Kościelniak.

node-nozbe is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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