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πŸ“² Bringing your PWA app to iOS. Evidently.
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Bringing your PWA app to iOS. Evidently.

What is it?

react-add-to-homescreen allows you to inform the iOS users that your web app is installable on the iOS home screen. It mimics the behavior of Android's Add to home screen widget visible when the user visits your PWA.


$ yarn react-add-to-homescreen


You can check out the demo Progressive Web App here. I am not the designer of this one though 😎


react-add-to-homescreen is designed to be as simple as possible. First import the component:

import AddToHomescreen from 'react-add-to-homescreen';

Then add the component to the main component of your app:

<AddToHomescreen onAddToHomescreenClick={this.handleAddToHomescreenClick} />

Finally, create a handler for the banner:

handleAddToHomescreenClick = () => {
    1. Open Share menu
    2. Tap on "Add to Home Screen" button`);


All options are passed as props.

Prop Type Description
onAddToHomescreenClick function function to call on banner click
title? string Custom title for banner
icon? string Icon for banner


If you have comments, complaints, or ideas for improvements, feel free to open an issue or a pull request! If you are using or intend to use react-add-to-homescreen, please let me know πŸ™‚


react-add-to-homescreen was created by @kkoscielniak. It is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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