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#ifndef H_nmeashm_included
#define H_nmeashm_included
#define NMEASHMBUFSIZE 16000
struct nmea_shm
int ringsize;
int head;
float debug_skew;
int debug_bantimer;
int res1,res2 ,res3 ,res4 ,res5 ,res6 ,res7 ,res8;
int res9,res10,res11,res12,res13,res14,res15,res16;
unsigned char buf[NMEASHMBUFSIZE];
struct nmea_shm *attach_nmea_shm(int unit);
void add_nmea_shm_string(struct nmea_shm *sh, unsigned char *s);
int nmea_gets(char *s, struct nmea_shm *sh, int *optr, int maxtot);
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